Taxibot by TLD is a GSE industry game-changer

Taxibot by TLD is a GSE industry game-changer designed to maximise airport revenue whilst benefiting the environment – the statistics speak for themselves…

*Up to 85% reduction of fuel consumption during taxi.

*Up to 85% reduction of CO2 and other noxious emission during taxi.

*60% reduction in noise pollution.

*50% reduction of FOD per takeoff.

The Taxibot Improves gate efficiency through the reduction of wasted time during engine start-up at the gate area, which not only affects the gate used, but also the nearest aircraft to the gates.

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In cooperation with JCAB (Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau) and NAA (Narita International Airport Corporation), Japan Airlines (JAL) invited the country’s press to witness the implementation of POC (proof of concept) with TLD ‘TractEasy’ autonomous baggage tractor provided by Smart Airport Systems (SAS). The AV will operate at Level 3 and Level 4 under the supervision of JAL operator.

JAL will use the TractEasy on 3 missions, originating from Terminal 2, to transfer customers baggage’s from sorting area to the aircraft stand.

21st Annual Ground Handling International Conference

The 21st Annual Ground Handling International Conference is billed as the must attend event for connecting the worlds aviation industry to discuss the latest technologies, services and airside best practises.

TLD has been exhibiting alongside Smart Airport Systems (SAS) on booth E52 to promote the latest sustainable smart GSE, and how this technology can streamline your operation whilst remaining environmentally considerate.

With a steady stream of interested airports and key decision makers passing through the booth during the four day event, the team have been kept busy as they discuss the numerous advantages of the TLD ground support equipment.


TLD TPX-100-E Proves Itself at Gatwick Airport

The TLD TPX-100-E is a state-of-the-art fully electric towbarless tractor designed for the push back of most commuters, and single aisle aircrafts up to 100 tons.

The TPX can now be fitted with a remote control feature allowing single person operation over the entire push-back event to offer a faster, safer, more environmentally friendly experience.

The following video demonstrates the simplicity of the procedure on an easyJet Airbus A320 whilst being demonstrated at Gatwick Airport.

The ground crew were impressed with the intuitive controls and smooth manoeuvrability of the TPX whilst in use and also appreciated the ability to return to the gate quickly after the pushback.

The ergonomic cabin also offers protection from the elements to deliver flexibility for the operator.

The TPX-100-E offers safety, operational efficiency and impressive environmental benefits to the airport, the airlines and the customers and once again underlines the TLD commitment to sustainable green solutions through smarrt GSE.

View the video on our official Facebook platform HERE

Inter Airport Europe 2019

The TLD booth enjoyed a very successful first day at Inter Airport Europe 2019 with many new enquires regarding the expanded range of airport equipment.   The live TractEasy demonstration also proved very popular demonstrating once again why TLD is at the forefront of the smart GSE revolution.

A Strong Presence from TLD at Inter Airport Europe

Inter Airport Europe 2019

The 22nd International Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design and Services will take place at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany on the 8th-11th October.

This important industry event is held every two years and allows manufacturers and suppliers of airport equipment, technology, design and services to meet specialists from airports, airlines, air cargo carriers as well as aviation support from all over the world.

TLD will be exhibiting at Inter Airport Europe, alongside its sister companies, and will be showcasing the latest in environmentally friendly, yet sustainable, GSE solutions to the industry.

Visit stand C30 in the outside area to meet the various sales teams and understand just why TLD is the premier manufacturer of aviation GSE.

Taxibot Features on French TV

TLD Regional CEO EMEAI, Nicolas Verin, was recently interviewed for the French TV journal, ‘Le Grand Talk’, to discuss the latest developments of Taxibot – the semi-robotic towbarless aircraft tractor.

TLD and Adhetec ‘Launch’ Angry Birds Boeing 737-800

Adhetec, an ALVEST, company, was recently involved in the re-branding of a new Boeing 737-800 aircraft, on behalf of Neos Airline, in support of the launch of the ‘Angry Birds 2’ film.

Although the original design was conceptualised at the customers design centre, Adhetec transferred the 2D design to 3D and facilitated the printing, painting, cutting and installation of the artwork.

The livery was applied at Verona Airport, Italy and took the 4 trained Adhetec staff just 2 days to apply in the Neos maintenance hanger. The short turnaround, (only 12 days from concept to completion), was achieved through the expertise and professionalism of a company used to operating within tight deadlines.

The branded Neos 737-800 is set to travel to various Mediterranean destinations over the coming weeks, and with a 2nd aircraft livery in the project stage, will further increase the profile of the Italian lo-cost airline.

Watch the time lapse video of the Adhetec team at work, and also the TLD towbarless tractor transport the aircraft to the runway for its maiden flight.

Delhi Airport Leads the Way in Deploying Taxibots

As featured on both news websites, NDTV and Times of India, Delhi International Airport will be the 1st airport in India to deploy the semi-robotic Taxibot aircraft tow vehicle. Following comprehensive trial runs, the first two Taxibots will be in service shortly with the total number increasing to 15 over the next 4 years.

The forward thinking Delhi Airport has already won numerous awards for its approach to green GSE, and the Taxibot vehicles are expected to save an estimated 213 litres of fuel per flight – which equates to over $35m annually for domestic carriers as well as contributing considerably to the reduction of airport pollution.

TLD is proud to be at the forefront of the GSE environmental revolution and will continue to work alongside International airports to develop sustainable green solutions to benefit the airports, the airlines and of course – the environment.


The Ground Handling International 8th Ground Damage Stakeholders’ Conference is the premier industry forum for ground service providers, airlines and airports to share best practice advice on reducing aircraft damage and employee injury risks, featuring case study-led presentations and interactive ‘have a go’ workshops.

TLD are not only attending this important interactive conference at Amsterdam Airport, but will also be contributing when Nicolas Veron, CEO EMEAI, takes to the stage tomorrow morning to discuss artificially intelligent GSE and its impact on the airport environment.