RBL, the last belt loader developed by TLD

The RBL (Regional Belt Loader) is the latest product developed by TLD at its Saint Lin factory in France. This innovative belt loader addresses the unique requirements for regional/narrow body aircraft up to A320 series and B737. The RBL is self-propelled unit offering enhanced features and additional versatility to currently available towable and the walk behind belt loader models.

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Autonomous Vehicles

Automation systems once only moved within the Science Fiction world, populating the dreams of generations of Star Trek fans, but have now dramatically accelerated over the last few years to be a part of our daily life. The development of available technologies to meet growing needs has influenced this acceleration but warp drive speeds were reached with the developments of TESLA or Google Cars (today known as WAYMO), forcing society to accept this reality and start to adapt to it. Star Trek fans now manage our R&D centers!

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Aero Specialties is committed to humanitarian

Cheerful greetings, conversations about family members, or simply delivering an employee a much-needed cup of coffee are standards for us at AERO.  Our compassion leads the way in all we do during our work days so, it’s of little surprise when our Traffic Coordinator, Christine Burke, suggested we contribute to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  No sooner was it suggested that it became all hands-on deck!   Within 24 hours, with the coordination of Michael Wagner, Purchasing, and Scott Sawyer, Packing and Shipping, and with the generosity of Pilot Freight, hundreds of dollars of non-perishables were sent to the Red Cross for distribution to the disaster and rescue centers throughout the area devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

It’s not altruism that compels us, at AERO, to reach out to those in affliction.  It is our heart and we wear it proudly.

KLM has awarded to TLD the replacement of its Lower Deck Loader with a full electric fleet, recognizing the performance of the TXL-838-reGen®

As part of its Green strategy, KLM has awarded to TLD the replacement program of its Lower Deck Loader fleet. The decision has been made by KLM to move to a full electric fleet and the selection of TLD as a partner has followed almost a year of performance assessment of the TLD TXL-838-reGen alongside its competitors in the market.

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TLD and EasyMile announced a partnership to develop TractEasy, the first autonomous baggage tractor

Ground Support Equipment, as many other driving machines, are experiencing a technological revolution with the development of Assistance and Automation systems that will change the ramp operating environment in the coming years.

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TLD has been awarded the prestigious International Industry 4.0 award from the Global Smart Factory summit

An international jury of “Smart Factory Experts” have awarded TLD the International Industry 4.0 for Horizontal Integration in recognition of our latest industrial performance developments, especially in the domain of integration of our whole value chain.

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TLD Exhibits at Inter Airport Europe this Fall in Munich

TLD will be participating in the 21st Inter Airport International Exhibition of Equipment, Technology, Design and Airport Services this October 10 -13 in Munich, Germany. Exhibiting with TLD at this industry premier event will be other subsidiaries of the ALVEST group, SAGE Parts & AERO SPECIALTIES.

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Surface treatment is a key aspect of the GSE production process. It not only ensures an optimal Quality level for long term rust protection, but is also an important factor in our Environment, Health & Safety policy (EH&S).

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The TaxiBot, already certified on B-737, now certified on the Airbus A320 family

The TaxiBot is now certified for commercial use on all members of the A320 family

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The TLD reGen loader delivers its promises

The TLD TXL-838-reGen, a 7 ton, battery-powered loader, is increasingly becoming the market reference for performance and autonomy, thanks to its innovative concepts and the input from our customers

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