TaxiBot Features in Latest Solar Impulse Video Press Release

To address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth, the Solar Impulse Foundation was launched with a challenge to select 1000 industry solutions, that can protect the environment in a profitable way and present them to decision-makers to fast-track their implementation.

Smart Airport Systems (SAS), an ALVEST Group company, is a proud member of the foundation and continues to develop sustainable solutions for aviation through the generation of fuel savings, the reduction of noise and polluting emissions and increasing operational efficiencies.

The latest press release from the The Solar Impulse Foundation features the SAS semi-robotic hybrid twin vehicle – TaxiBot.

You can view the full video on the SAS LinkedIn platform HERE.

Schiphol Tests Self-Driving Baggage Tractor


Schiphol has started a trial with an autonomous baggage tractor that will take baggage to the aircraft on the apron. The aim of the trial is to discover whether this technology is safe and efficient and how self-driving vehicles can be integrated with other traffic at the airport. The trial, which will last until the end of the month, is being carried out in collaboration with KLM Ground Services and Smart Airport Systems (SAS). 

The trial will start in a defined area in which the baggage process is simulated. In the second phase, the trial will be continued in an operational environment to bring baggage to the aircraft. The self-driving vehicle will be loaded in the baggage area, after which it will navigate to an aircraft stand via a fixed route. During all the trials with the baggage tractor, there will be a safety operator in the autonomous vehicle to stop the vehicle if necessary. The self-driving vehicle was made by ground-handling equipment supplier TLD, with EasyMile supplying the autonomous software.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport will also be testing autonomous baggage tractors this spring. There, the airports will be testing this technology in conjunction with Vanderlande.Royal Schiphol Group anticipates that by 2050, the daily operations on the apron at the airports will have changed significantly. The ground-based airport activities (e.g. baggage transport, passenger transport and aircraft towing) will not only be clean, but also smart and autonomous. The aim is ultimately to replace all vehicles on airside with an interconnected fleet of self-driving, emission-free vehicles, in order to guarantee and improve quality in the long term.

Watch the video on the SAS LinkedIn social media page HERE

AERO Specialties Featured in FBO Today Publication

AERO Specialties, an Alvest Group Company, is not only featured on the front cover of the latest edition of the Business Air ‘FBO Today’, but is also profiled within the publication through the supply and installation of GSE to the new ‘Million Air’ fixed-base operator (FBO).

Seasons Greetings to One and All

Alvest Joins the United Nation Global Compact Program

Alvest is pleased to announce its commitment to the United Nation Global Compact Program as it aligns a significant amount of its ideals and goals with those of the program.  The program seamlessly dovetails with the beliefs, ethics and policies within Alvest and its entities to become environmentally responsible in every aspect of its business.

ALVEST has a goal to be a major contributor to the conversion of airport and aviation to safer, greener and leaner operations around the world.

This is our engagement as our industry needs to control and reduce its impact on the environment and to bring a positive human and social contribution to the society and the people. The achievement of our goal is supported by our long-term vision, our culture and values that are rooted in service, integrity, transparency and accountability vis-à-vis all our stakeholders.

From design to manufacturing to selling, ALVEST is committed to follow the path laid by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as detailed in our Group Environmental, Social and Governance Principles. We pride ourselves in serving this purpose with the greatest care for our global eco-system:

  • We recognize a shared responsibility to protect our planet. As such, reducing our environmental footprint and contributing to the reduction of the environmental footprint of the aviation industry, through our products and services, is one of our key objectives. We are committed to promoting circular economy whenever practical, to using sustainable resources and sourcing responsibly.
  • We take seriously our responsibilities to protect, support and offer fulfilling development opportunities to our employees. Our efforts are focused on providing equal opportunities and training to our employees.
  • We proactively pursue dialogue with all our stakeholders. We value transparency in the information we provide and do the utmost to act with integrity, build trust and create value to our customers and business partners. We aim to contribute to the economic and social development of the regions in which we work.
  • We are actively involved in setting international standards for an ethical and responsible aviation industry. We adhere to the principles set out in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and we strongly believe that it is also our responsibility to make our best efforts to ensure that our business partners act with honesty and observe the same ethical principles.

Our policy strives to ensure that all the above commitments are implemented by all our employees and business partners and pursued company-wide in all our day-to-day tasks.

TLD Confirmed as Platinum Sponsor at 22nd Annual GHI Conference

TLD will be exhibiting at the 22nd Annual Ground Handling International Conference being held at the Bella Centre, Copenhagen later this year.

This important industry conference will run from 30th November to 2nd December and as one of the few opportunities for our customers to engage with us face-to-face within a conference environment this year, it’s import we spread the word and let the industry know where they can find us in person during these challenging times.

The conference will strive to unite the worlds aviation community by offering socially distanced meetings and networking to allow the community to re-engage with each other.

Not only will TLD be available on booth E32 to re-connect with valued customers, and introduce our GSE to a new audience, but we will also be a Platinum Sponsor for the entire event.

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First “All Electric Turn-Around” for Air France with TLD equipment

A big thank you to Air France for their trust in TLD ground support equipment for running their first “100% Electric turn-around” of an Air France flight – AF226 bound for Delhi in India on September 3rd

For the occasion the aircraft, an Airbus A350-9 was handled with 100% TLD electric GSE:

  • TLD NBL retrofitted by Air France with the Carwatt technology
  • TXL838 ReGen
  • ACU TLD/Lebrun CF40
  • Pushback tractor TPX-200-XE

Find the video here:

Find the full Airside International feature HERE

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TLD Announce New Saudi Ground Services Airport Partnership

TLD is pleased to announce its participation with a joint venture agreement with Saudi Ground Services (SGS). The partnership will provide digitalization and maintenance services specialized in airport solutions and ground handling equipment for the all airports within Saudi Arabia.

Alvest Equipment Services (AES) will oversee the day-to-day operational management on behalf of TLD with the new partnership expecting to produce significant advances within the ground handling and airport solution sector by providing competitive specialised services and equipment through the harnessing of advanced TLD Group technologies.

The TLD/SGS partnership will also secure a reduction in operating costs whilst elevating the level and standards of the quality of service and ensuring a sustainable and reliable maintenance of the company’s equipment and property.

TLD will also utilise the experience and huge GSE replacement parts inventory of sister company Sage Parts to offer expedited delivery times, unbeatable product knowledge and preferential pricing within the partnership.

SGS will continue to offer strategic initiatives to contribute towards a balanced growth of the air transportation ecosystem within Saudi Arabia.

Press Release – First Commercial Corendon Dutch Airlines Flight with TaxiBot in AMS

Schiphol Airport is performing a pilot on sustainable engine off taxiing with the TaxiBot. Yesterday these tests reached a new high point whereby an actual commercial flight of Corendon Dutch Airlines was taxied from the gate to the runway using TaxiBot, a semi-robotic aircraft tow vehicle. The aircraft, a B737-800 performing flight CD395 from Amsterdam (AMS) to Zakynthos (ZTH) in Greece was full of passengers when being taxied and left on time.

Corendon Dutch Airlines has been the launching participant in the Schiphol TaxiBot trials giving strong support and contribution to the program at Schiphol. The airline was also the first one to use TaxiBot with actual passengers on board.

The TaxiBot, from Smart Airport Systems (SAS), facilitates the taxiing of aircraft from the boarding gate to the runway without the use of the aircrafts own engine power.  The environmental and financial advantages of using this latest technology has proven of great interest to airports and airlines who are under pressure to responsibly streamline their operation.

The TaxiBot trial is part of Schiphol Airport’s feasibility study for sustainable taxiing which also considers how this advanced taxiing technology could be incorporated into daily operations, whether it can be achieved extensively across the airport and implementation timescales.

It is estimated that TaxiBot could save the airlines between 50% – 85% of fuel consumption during normal taxiing operations. TaxiBot also facilitates other important advantages such as a reduction in noise pollution, CO2 and NOx emissions whilst also promoting a more harmonious airport environment for ground crew and customers – a true win/win situation.

TaxiBot smart technology is provided by SAS, a sister company to the prominent designer and manufacturer of airport ground support equipment TLD, and also IAI (Israel Aerospace Industry).

TaxiBot is part of the SAS range of sustainable ground support equipment, offering the latest advanced technology and solutions to the aviation industry today.

‘TractEasy’ WINS IFOY Intralogistics Award

Last Monday saw ‘TractEasy’ win the IFOY ‘AGV & Intralogistics Robot’ award.

The mission of the IFOY AWARD is to identify and recognise the year’s best intralogistisc equipment and intralogistics solutions.

‘TractEasy’, a collaboration between TLD / Smart Airport Systems / EasyMile, is a driverless tow-tractor that not only facilitates a significant increase in productivity, efficiency, labour and maintenance savings but also allows enhanced safety and process compliances.

The TractEasy® mission is to move cargo in an autonomous manner, under the supervision of dedicated fleet manager software, from terminal to terminal, or terminal to aircraft.

Well done to all those involved in this latest victory for electric GSE and the airport environment – a true win/win!

(click below to view the video)

Alvest Asia Pacific HQ based in Shanghai


ALVEST 集团授权腾达航勤设备(上海)有限公司为亚太区区域管理总部,经上海市市商务委认定,腾达航勤设备(上海)有限公司为地区总部(亚太区)。


Jean-Marie Fulconis, ALVEST集团总裁兼首席执行官说: “TLD在中国已经开展了20多年的业务但创建这个地区总部代表了集团战略在本地区的进一步增加。集团通过招募和保留核心关键人才, 通过得益于位于亚洲地区中心的上海的基础设施,探索中国市场,这应该被我们的客户视为一种承诺,通过进一步加强我们在当地的运营和为他们服务的能力,来为他们提供更好的服务。”



August 2nd, 2019

Alvest Group announced today receiving the formal authorization from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce to empower TLD Asia (Shanghai) act as its regional headquarter in Asia Pacific.

The Shanghai headquarters will serve as a base of operations for ALVEST activities gathered under TLD banner.

Regional management executives will be based in Shanghai headquarters where they will manage TLD subsidiaries in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Singapore.

Jean-Marie Fulconis, ALVEST President and Chief Executive Officer said “TLD already has more than 20 years of presence in China but the creation of this Regional Headquarters represents a further step in our strategy to grow in the region by being able to recruit and retain core key talents, by benefiting from infrastructures that place Shanghai in the centre of the Asian region, by being able to tap into a very dynamic market. This should be seen by our customers as a commitment to serve them even better by strengthening even further our presence and capacity to serve them locally.”