The TLD TaxiBot continues to gain exposure

The TLD TaxiBot continues to gain exposure as it continues its trials at Schiphol Airport this summer.

As the aviation industry adopts new environmentally friendly GSE, TLD remains one of the most forward thinking manufacturers within this market.

TaxiBot is available through Smart Airport Systems, also an Alvest Group company, and is part of their Smart GSE range.

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Adhetec Launch New Antimicrobial Protective Film for Airlines

ADHETEC, an ALVEST Group Company, has launched a range of adhesive films embedding PYLOTE’s natural antimicrobial technology, effective especially against coronaviruses and bacteria. PYLOTE is a specialist in mineral and ceramic industrial chemistry.

These new antimicrobial technical films are now available to airlines for use in their aircraft cabins. Initially, ADHETEC will propose to its customers: airlines, manufacturers or aeronautical subcontractors, transparent or customizable adhesive films to protect tray tables, IFE screens, armrest, handles or seat shells. The purpose of these extended ranges of antimicrobial adhesive films is to respond to the current concern of airlines – as they resume operations – to create a safe and confident environment and thus insure the passengers’ well-being on board.

The ADHETEC decorative and protective self-adhesive film range for the cabin (ADHECAL® /ADHEFILM®) will now have effective microbiological properties during the entire period of use on the surfaces to which they are applied. They do not present any risk for users, including very young children.

Activated by PYLOTE’s technology, they have an immediate, stable and permanent microbial decontamination action (no loss of effectiveness over 4 years), particularly against viruses and bacteria. With this certified antimicrobial protection, ADHETEC and PYLOTE intend to participate in fighting against the spread of COVID-19 as well as hand-carried bacteria, sources of many infections.

TLD sponsor of GHI webinar “Aviation in the Americas – Rallying against the coronavirus pandemic”

TLD will sponsor the next GHI – Ground Handling International – online conference that will take place on 25 June.

This second edition of the GHI webinars is focusing on the Americas market and how local stakeholders are rallying against the worsening Covid-19 crisis in the region. The 100-minute session will feature the latest market insight from airlines, ground handlers and GSE providers operating across the Americas market.

As for TLD / Alvest are concerned, we will have two panelists joining the debate,

  • Mark Garlasco, RCEO for TLD NALAAJ
  • Matt Sheehan founder of AEROSPECIALTIES

We are delighted that Mark a Matt have accepted to take part of this debate as they will be able to share their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry with the conference attendees.

TractEasy part of the All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations (AWARD) consortium

Last week, a consortium headed by EasyMile has submitted an application to the European Commission to win funding for a large-scale project aimed at bringing a disruptive change to the trucking industry, fleet operators and the whole logistics sector by contributing to the accelerated deployment of innovative connected and automated freight transport solutions in Europe and around the world. The All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations (AWARD) consortium consists of 29 partners with EasyMile as coordinator. TLD as manufacturer and SAS as the commercial entity for TractEasy are both part of this consortium. If awarded, the project will be rolled out from 2021 for 3 years.

This project managed by the European Commission has outlined the growing need for connected and automated driving systems for heavy commercial vehicles, citing their great potential. They can improve safety and efficiency of freight transport and make vehicle operations more comfortable. Positive impacts can indeed be expected when highly automated systems will be used in logistics operations going from hub to hub including both operations in mixed traffic and in confined areas. TractEasy has here a great card to play!

TLD Support IATA Ground Handling Guidance

In an effort to support the industry with Return to Service and to maintain operations during COVID-19 pandemic, IATA together with various stakeholders, including TLD, has compiled a series of reference guidance material for Ground Handling.

Read the complete guide here –…/final_guidance_for_ground_handling_r…

TLD – Open for Business.

In these extremely challenging times and as governments around the world have implemented measures to contain this Covid-19 crisis, at TLD, we have been taking strict precautions to protect our colleagues and their families.

Whilst implementing these measures (strict sanitation and cleaning protocols, workplace distancing, temperature checks, etc.) our manufacturing sites and service centres around the world are fully operational.

We are extremely proud of and grateful to our teams who come on site every day to ensure business continuity. This is our DNA, this is “Local Support – Total Commitment”

Our field service team is here to support you – either remotely or directly on the ramp whenever feasible. You will find us here –

Our dedicated spare-parts teams are also just a phone call away – available to answer any query and ready to expedite your shipments of critical parts for your operations.



Swissport, the largest provider of airport ground services, has been aware of its environmental responsibilities for some time – embarking on a 5 year fleet modernization program in 2016 to focus on efficiency, safety and emission reduction.

Since 2016 the use of electric GSE has almost tripled with the TLD battery-powered pushbacks singled out as some of the most impressive and powerful GSE in regular deployment.

Swissport acknowledged that TLD were at the forefront of the innovative electric GSE revolution with equipment such as the TPX-100-E towbarless tractor – capable of saving 8 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

The ground handler also states that it has witnessed a 40% reduction in fuel consumption as a direct result of embracing electrically powered GSE.

TLD is committed to working alongside its partners to design/ develop/deliver the most advanced aviation solutions to meet all environmental, social, and governance (ESG) Criteria.

The full Swissport report is available to download HERE.

TaxiBot Semi-Robotic Towing Tractor to Trial at Schiphol Airport

Today Schiphol and Smart Airport Systems announce it’s trial for sustainable taxiing at Schiphol airport in cooperation with the partners Air Traffic Control Netherlands (LVNL), the Ministry of I&W, Corendon Dutch Airlines, KLM, Transavia, EasyJet and handlers Dnata and KLM Ground Services.

The technology behind this trial, the TaxiBot, is provided by Smart Airport Systems (SAS), a sister company to the prominent designer and manufacturer of airport ground support equipment TLD and IAI (Israël Aerospace Industry).

The mission of SAS is to provide innovative sustainable solutions for airlines and airports to help them reduce CO2 and NOx emissions, generate fuel savings, and increase the operational efficiencies at airports. For this SAS has developed several solutions that are available today and bring significant emission reduction.

Maxime Mahieu, CEO of Smart Airport Systems commented: “We are extremely pleased with this test of sustainable taxiing in cooperation with one of the world’s most innovative airports. We are impressed by Schiphol’s motivation which reflects in quality of the partnership they have created. All key stakeholders are aligned to show that SAS existing solutions can bring significant environmental improvements today” .


Hassan Charaf, Head of Innovation at the Royal Schiphol Group, commented:
“This study fits with our ambition to be the most sustainable airport in the world. I am proud that together with our partners we are exploring what sustainable taxiing at Schiphol can mean”.
The TaxiBot trial is part of an on-going feasibility study on sustainable taxiing at Schiphol Airport. Additional criteria will include how sustainable taxiing can be incorporated into daily operations, whether it can be achieved extensively across the airport and implementation timescales.

The ’TaxiBot’ is a semi-robotic tow vehicle developed by TLD and IAI, fully controlled by the Aircraft pilot when it tows the aircraft from terminal to runway, and back, without the use of the aircrafts engines. The hybrid TaxiBot is powered by a combination of electric and diesel engines that allow it to consume 95% less fuel during taxiing than the more commonly used aircraft engines. The TaxiBot is already in operation in India in both Delhi and Bangalore airports.

At Schiphol Airport aircraft engines are used on average 14 minutes to taxi departing aircraft and 9 minutes for arriving aircraft.

As aircraft engines still require spooling to their optimum operating temperature prior to take off, the saving brought by the TaxiBot are estimated to be between 50% and 85% of the average fuel consumption normally associated with the taxiing mission.

There are also a number additional benefits including – a reduction in noise pollution, CO2 and NOx emissions and foreign object debris whilst also delivering huge environmental advantages.
The trial is set to run until the end of June after which the study will conclude in Autumn 2020.


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An Important Message From Alvest Equipment Services


With the fallout from this pandemic possibly lasting longer than originally anticipated the hardest hit industry is our aviation family.
The road to recovery will require some careful planning and patience.

Alvest Equipment Services.
Alvest Equipment Services (AES), an Alvest Group company, offers a full range of services for the ground support equipment (GSE) and the airport environment.

AES is ready to offer support to our customers and partners to assist you in braving the financial hardships allowing you to steadily recover, and return to our industry stronger than ever.

AES offers tailor-made services with high quality standards, delivered with strong technical knowledge and supply chain expertise.

How we can assist you.
If long term planning and financial forecasts are being challenged, AES can offer you short-term rental and operational lease solutions.

If your plans lacks the capital funds to be viable, we can offer you a fleet buy out and lease back solutions with or without a full maintenance service agreement.

If you have limited CapEx to renew your fleet, we have a number of equipment overhaul options available for you.

AES has the full backing of the Alvest Group, and access to an impressive variety of GSE and financial services to aid you through these challenging months…talk to us and find out how we can help your business.

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AES – Always ahead of your GSE Services Requirement.

‘TractEasy’ Enters Final Rounds of IFOY Intralogistics Awards Category

The IFOY Awards are not only considered to be the largest but also the toughest intralogistics test in the world. At the IFOY test days on the exhibition grounds in Hannover, Germany 16 products and solutions nominated for the IFOY AWARD from 15 manufacturers underwent a whole week of elaborate, multi-stage testing. 27 jurors from 19 nations put the nominated devices and solutions through their paces.

There are 13 categories, that cover almost all areas of intralogistics including special vehicles, automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs), shuttles, robots, software and apps.

TLD and Easymile joined forces to create the ’TractEasy’ autonomous baggage tractor that is currently on trial at a number of large international airports. The ‘TractEasy’ been entered into the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) & Intralogistics category where it has progressed to the final rounds with the results being published in July 2020.

The ’TractEasy’ also enjoyed a feature in the official IFOY MGZN that was published on Monday –

We wish all the TLD, and SAS, personnel involved with the IFOY Award the best of luck!