Taxibot Features on French TV

TLD Regional CEO EMEAI, Nicolas Verin, was recently interviewed for the French TV journal, ‘Le Grand Talk’, to discuss the latest developments of Taxibot – the semi-robotic towbarless aircraft tractor.

TLD and Adhetec ‘Launch’ Angry Birds Boeing 737-800

Adhetec, an ALVEST, company, was recently involved in the re-branding of a new Boeing 737-800 aircraft, on behalf of Neos Airline, in support of the launch of the ‘Angry Birds 2’ film.

Although the original design was conceptualised at the customers design centre, Adhetec transferred the 2D design to 3D and facilitated the printing, painting, cutting and installation of the artwork.

The livery was applied at Verona Airport, Italy and took the 4 trained Adhetec staff just 2 days to apply in the Neos maintenance hanger. The short turnaround, (only 12 days from concept to completion), was achieved through the expertise and professionalism of a company used to operating within tight deadlines.

The branded Neos 737-800 is set to travel to various Mediterranean destinations over the coming weeks, and with a 2nd aircraft livery in the project stage, will further increase the profile of the Italian lo-cost airline.

Watch the time lapse video of the Adhetec team at work, and also the TLD towbarless tractor transport the aircraft to the runway for its maiden flight.

Delhi Airport Leads the Way in Deploying Taxibots

As featured on both news websites, NDTV and Times of India, Delhi International Airport will be the 1st airport in India to deploy the semi-robotic Taxibot aircraft tow vehicle. Following comprehensive trial runs, the first two Taxibots will be in service shortly with the total number increasing to 15 over the next 4 years.

The forward thinking Delhi Airport has already won numerous awards for its approach to green GSE, and the Taxibot vehicles are expected to save an estimated 213 litres of fuel per flight – which equates to over $35m annually for domestic carriers as well as contributing considerably to the reduction of airport pollution.

TLD is proud to be at the forefront of the GSE environmental revolution and will continue to work alongside International airports to develop sustainable green solutions to benefit the airports, the airlines and of course – the environment.


The Ground Handling International 8th Ground Damage Stakeholders’ Conference is the premier industry forum for ground service providers, airlines and airports to share best practice advice on reducing aircraft damage and employee injury risks, featuring case study-led presentations and interactive ‘have a go’ workshops.

TLD are not only attending this important interactive conference at Amsterdam Airport, but will also be contributing when Nicolas Veron, CEO EMEAI, takes to the stage tomorrow morning to discuss artificially intelligent GSE and its impact on the airport environment.

SAS Showcase Latest Generation TractEasy

Smart Airport Systems recently hosted a successful demonstration of the latest generation TractEasy driverless baggage tractor at the EasyMile test facility in Toulouse, France.

The full ‘level 4’ demonstration was witnessed by a specially selected group of SAS customers during the two day event and showcased the TractEasy safety features whilst towing heavily laden dollies.

Customers were impressed with the reliable software, particularly the pedestrian safety features during the many live runs.



Come and meet us during the Aircraft Interiors Expo from the 2nd to the 4th of April 2019 in Hamburg booth n°6D70E.

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Smart Airport Systems website is up and running!

The new website of Smart Airport Systems – SAS is up and running, check it out:

Smart Airport Systems (SAS), an Alvest Group Company, strives for excellence in its mission to provide sustainable solutions for aviation. Its two major objectives are the generation of fuel savings to Airlines and the reduction of noise and polluting emissions at Airports. SAS innovative products, incorporate the latest unique technologies in the aviation industry, enabling Airlines and Airports to improve their operational efficiencies, whilst paving the way for a greener future.

AERO’s GPU 2400-315 Powers A Brand New Gulfstream G280

When we brought the understated single-phase GPU-2400 315 to Micron’s hangar for their brand-new Gulfstream G280, they didn’t believe it could provide enough continuous power for their new corporate jet – let alone starting power. But they were pleasantly surprised read more…

TLD at the Saudi International Airshow

We are delighted to welcoming our customers and friends on our booth at the 2019 Saudi Air Show. All the team had set the scene with our customers in Saudi Arabia for a great TLD GSE exhibition on the tarmac.

Saudi Ground Services great flashy green livery matching the creative and arty fuselages on display!


Indigo completes Taxibot trials on Airbus A320s

Courtesy of By Satish Nandgaonkar, Mumbai Mirror | Feb 20, 2019

Indigo airlines on Tuesday morning became the first Indian Airbus operator to successfully complete trials for Taxibot operations on Airbus A320 aircraft, and India became the only country where performance evaluation trials for Taxibots have been successfully completed on Airbus A320 aircraft.

The trials were conducted shortly past midnight and early hours of Tuesday at the Indira Gandhi International airport. “All possible operational scenarios were successfully enacted in a live environment with Taxibot attached to an A320 aircraft during the four-hour-long performance… read more